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Welcome to Viewlands Primary Schools website...


Viewlands Primary School sits at the heart of the Viewlands Community.  It shares a campus with Perth Academy and Fairview School.

Our vision for our learners is that they will all have the opportunity to ...

Grow Through Learning ..

This is our motto that permeates through all that we do.

We strive to provide high quality learning and teaching that allows our children to flourish into confident, successful and independent learners.

We are committed to getting it right for every child and build our ethos on sound values that support and encourage our children to be responsible citizens.

Viewlands is and an excellent learning environment.  We have an old exterior but a soft centre that supports and encourages all.


Our school website contains a range of information which we hope you will find useful. Along with providing information, we also will be using our website to seek your views.  This will allow us to continually improve the work that we are doing.  Positive partnerships with pupils, parents and the community are vital to help us continue to move forward.


Mrs Claire Allan

Head Teacher