Viewlands Primary School

Viewlands Primary School
Grow through learning


Our aim in VIEWLANDS is to provide every learner with a coherent experience, where a broad range of learning activities and experiences combine to create a meaningful and valuable education - developing skills, deepening understanding, relevant to their aspirations, extending their world view. To that end the learning we provide is often structured in an inter-disciplinary manner within a motivating context, ensuring meaningful connections are made.

Every child is offered a wide range of learning opportunities in:-

  • Literacy & English – including French from Nursery
  • Numeracy & Mathematics - including Financial Education
  • Expressive Arts – Drama, Music and Art
  • Health and Wellbeing – including PE and Relationships
  • RME
  • Science
  • Social Studies - linked to Scottish Culture
  • Technologies

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is all about bringing real life into the classroom and taking lessons beyond it. Learning and teaching will still focus on subjects and knowledge.

CfE is divided into Levels. The levels we will focus on in primary are:

  • Early Level                 –         pre-school – P1, or later for some
  • First Level                  –         children in P2 – P4, or later for some
  • Second Level            –          children P5 – P7, or later for some

Class teachers will plan using the Experiences and Outcome of CfE to offer a wide and varied curriculum for all children.

All learning is based on the principles and purposes of Curriculum for Excellence(CfE), our school policies and programmes of study help us plan much of the content of what children will be learning at each stage of their development, ensuring that Literacy, Numeracy and Health and wellbeing being are the responsibility of all to develop, reinforce and extend.   

In VIEWLANDS, we are committed to seeing all our children become successful learners, developing the particular skills and attitudes that will help them to become responsible citizens and effective contributors. We work hard to offer challenging, enjoyable and relevant learning activities, often involving active learning, and requiring skills for independent or co-operative engagement. In all our learning we aim to enhance children’s self-esteem so that they become confident individuals, offering opinions and exercising personal choice in their learning.

Class teachers plan the learning for our children in small groups, as a whole class or individually, to meet the needs of all. Each session we plan for opportunities for classes to work together as a year group. This offers children the chance to integrate socially and academically across a year group and widen their social network.

Our staffs work together on in-service training [INSET] days, and after school in working groups and in collegiate activities, to make sure that our teaching strategies and policies and programmes for learning are up to date, and our school improvement plan is achieved successfully. In this way our curriculum continues to develop and improve, enhancing learning experiences for the children.

We understand and appreciate that learning does not only take place in the classroom and so therefore offer opportunities for pupils to take part in a variety of general knowledge activities, road safety, Burns Poetry, football, cricket, netball and Cycle Safety.   We encourage pupils to take part in these activities both as individuals and within teams. Wider achievements are recognised through CfE as an integral part of any child’s education.

Further information regarding Curriculum for Excellence can be found on Education Scotlands website.