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June 2020

Virtual meeting held 18th June 2020

The main points we discussed:

Returning to school


PKC have agreed to the 2 day week, half the children will attend Viewlands Monday & Tuesday and half Thursday & Friday.  The school have to submit their overall plans to PKC by 19th June, and PKC need to forward on plans to the Scottish Government by 22nd June.

Viewlands are trying to accommodate family groups to ensure all children from the same family attend on the same day.  

New Staff

Mrs Carruthers is our new P1 teacher, she has oodles of early years experience so will be a very welcomed member of the Viewland's family come August.

New Day Structure

Mrs Williamson doesn't have exact information as yet regarding the new school day.  There will be staggered start and finish times which will be shared with us in due course.  The 55 minute lunch break will be reduced to 30 minutes to maximise the amount of time in school.  Viewlands have been given exclusive use of Merlin Gardens and also some outdoor space at the Academy for outdoor learning.

During this period school uniform will be relaxed.  Children will need to wear clean clothes every day and as there won't be an area for children to change they should come to school in clothing appropriate for the Scottish weather as so much time will be spent outdoors.

Parent Council Funds/Spend

Parent council funds are being considered for an outdoor classroom (similar to the picnic sheds at Active Kids).  We are going to gather a few quotes from local companies and hope to have something up by August.

Parent Volunteers

We are looking for parent volunteers to help younger children come into school safely at drop off and make sure they are safely collected at pick up.  If you could help out please get in touch.  

We are also looking for volunteers to help spruce up the playground.  Parent council will buy the paint, all we'd need is some painters!  We are going to get a group together during the summer.  If you're interested please get in touch.

We aren't sure when our next parent council meeting will take place.  The office will send out information in due course.  

Stay safe everyone, see you in August.