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Viewlands Primary School
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Welcome to Viewlands Parent Council


Welcome to the Viewlands Primary School Parent Council.  The Parent Council (PC) is a representative body of the wider parent forum, meeting approximately every 6 weeks to encourage communication between the school, its pupils and parents/guardians. 


The objectives of the Parent Council are to:

  • Work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all pupils and their parents and guardians.
  • Promote partnership between the school, its pupils and all its parents and guardians.
  • Develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils.
  • Identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided.


Our Meetings!

Our meetings are relaxed and welcoming, and new members or simply 'interested' parents are very welcome to join us.

We discuss a range of current topics relating to the life of the school and these can be anything from our future fundraising plans to traffic calming proposals. At every meeting our Headteacher Mrs Williamson offers her update on what is happening at the school, sharing any information she feels is valuable to the parent forum.  We are regularly joined by two of our local councillors who share information and answer any questions on issues in our local community.  Our meetings normally start at 7pm and are finished around 8.30pm.  Our membership has grown over the past 12 months but we are always looking for more enthusiastic parents who can offer us some of their time and input. It really is a great way to find out what is going on at the school.  


What We Can't Cover...

We discuss a full range of topics but they are always of a general nature.  If you have any specific issues to do with your child, their teacher or fellow pupils, we would ask you to contact the school directly as this is not something we would be able to discuss.